Mudanya TV is a leading television station, belonging to the Mudanya Media Group. Being one of the oldest TV stations in the Netherlands, it has passed the test of time and withstood storms of all kinds. The CEO of Mudanya Media Group, Dimitry Mudriks, is an entrepreneur and a journalist with lasting footprints in the industry.

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Canadian by birth, Mr. Mudriks came from a very humble family of peasant farmers. He did a lot of hard labor to raise fees for his education and never believed in limits. Apart from joining his parents in farm work, he engaged in fishing and water sports as well as casino games. His expertise went far beyond land casino gaming and became interested in the online casino. With his small savings, he opened an online account with 22 Bet and started making money online. His hard work and desire to succeed made him raise enough money for his studies.

Being outspoken and quite outgoing, he decided that he’d pursue a course in journalism. After completing his Bachelors Degree from one of the leading universities in Canada, he decided to further his education with a Masters Degree in International Relations. He worked in leading firms, both in Canada and the Netherlands, but still failed to attain the satisfaction that he was craving for. Unemployment and poverty were nightmares for most youth he interacted with and felt he had to do something for a change. He, therefore, decided to expand his wings and create more employment opportunities for the youth, which is how Mudanya TV came to life.

Mr. Mudriks resigned from his work and was joined by a team of two other friends who shared the same dream as his. Being the vision Bearer, Mr. Mudriks took the lead role as the CEO of Mudanya Media Group. This was entirely appropriate, owing to his background in journalism and International Relations.

Mr. Andrews Vinpro is a famous casino personality in Netherlands, with a chain of casinos spread across the entire country. His high appetite for risk and entrepreneurial spirit is what drove him to join the Mudanya vision as a critical stakeholder. Through Mudanya TV, he saw the opportunity of expanding his scope, from land casinos to online casinos.

Nyahiiz Mubahil, on the other hand, is an established Russian businessman with investments in different sectors. His latest acquisitions are mostly in the betting industry and mass media. Joining Mudanya Media Group was a golden opportunity for him since he’s been working towards upgrading from print media to more digital technology.

The three entrepreneurs joined hands and brainstormed on the issue closest to their hearts: Youth unemployment. Mudanya Media Group consists of different deliverables such as Mudanya Radio, Mudanya Newspapers, and Mudanya TV. These have played a very critical role in opening employment opportunities for the youth in the Netherlands and beyond since they do media coverage internationally. They also have an online presence, and can be accessed on mudanyatv.net. Through their website, you can view and apply for the job opportunities available.

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