Marriage Counselor

How to be one’s own Marriage Counselor?

“Fighting is an inevitable part of a relationship”, says Michael Meister counseling clinic. Couples are bound to fall in love with each other in one moment and then again fight and shout at each other because of different judgments which differ from each other and that’s when the fighting takes place. It is not a good idea to ask your partner to settle down in order to talk.

During the heat of the moment it is wise for one partner to walk out of the house and catch some fresh air, walking releases the mind from stress and helps us to attain the correct mindset for talking.

Achieving the correct mindset is important, lack of proper mindset can result in improper outcomes, therefore the couple must set their mind into resolving their conflicts rather than aggravating it. If a couple has a child, it must be known that fighting in front of the children disheartens them. If you two have to fight, do it away from your children so that their psychology is not affected.

At times we take each other for granted and the closer we get to each other, the more problems and issues we discover among ourselves resulting in more shattering of expectations and causing heartbreaks. To last a long relationship, the two must stop blaming each other and start to praise each other

List down the things which are made easier for you before you start out for your office in the morning. Probable you need to take home made lunch and your wife wakes up early in the morning to cook your lunch, or she irons your cloth everyday before you go to the office.

Similarly, your wife is also lucky to have you by her side. I am sure that there are many things about you about which your wife is grateful for. while identifying the various things which you two provide for each other, brings two closer and makes them happier.

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