Mudanya Media Group Services

Mudanya Radio

The radio comes in three different languages: French, Spanish, and English. There are several programs tailored to different audiences in terms of age and gender. Mudanya Radio is the most popular radio station in the Netherlands.

Mudanya Newspaper

Several newspapers are released at different intervals, besides the daily newspaper. Mudanya Babes, Mudanya Teens, Mudanya Pulse, Mudanya Home, and Mudanya International are some of the trending magazines that the media group boasts of. One of the greatest achievements that place them above their competitors is their ability to reproduce most of these magazines in English, French, and Spanish.

Mudanya TV

This is the most popular TV station in the Netherlands, featuring very exciting programs and real-time news. What makes it unique is the featuring of casino games, which makes it the number one choice of many betting companies, punters, and betting fans alike. There is global coverage of trending events, including popular sporting events that are famous casino players. 

Work with us

The core mission of Mudanya Media Group is creating employment opportunities for the youth. There are several ways that you can partake of this piece of cake, such as:


Being in the mass communication industry, journalists are the best placed when looking at available jobs. Considering what you can do best, there are opportunities for journalists in the print media, radio as well as the TV sectors. Excellent speakers, writers, transcribers, and translators are all encouraged to apply for the available vacant positions. All you need is the relevant academic qualifications and the will to succeed and learn. Journalists with the knowledge of at least two of the languages used (French, English, and Spanish), have more advantage.


Sales and marketing of Mudanya Media products is another sector that employs many youth, with very minimum qualification requirements. Apart from basic education qualification, you also need to have first-class people skills and be able to convince potential customers to buy our products.


There is a lot of design work, in both the print media and Mudanya TV productions. If you are good at communicating using graphics, art, photos, and motion pictures, then this is the job for you. Having relevant academic achievements are preferable, but that’s not the only standard that we use when recruiting. You must possess the skills, talent, and ability to manipulate content creatively and pass the desired message.


We only employ highly-qualified technicians to handle our production processes and technical issues. This is because we don’t take chances when it comes to matters of quality, safety, and smooth production processes.

Other sectors

There are several professions and activities that you can get into, depending on your area of expertise. Some of these require skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled staff, making it possible for every youth of any caliber and social status to get employed. You can work in the grooming and makeup department, cleaning department, and safety department, among others like marriage counselor.